Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

The end of Daylight Savings and the beginning of Christmas Pillsbury cookies in your local grocery stores can only mean one thing: the true beginning of winter fashion.

And with Black Friday and all of the best Christmas sales just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re trying to add to your closet this winter to stay warm and stylish!

After studying some of my personal favorite and the most influential designers and runway shows of the Fall/Winter 2017 season, I’ve collected a curated list of colors, silhouettes, trends, and styling tips that will keep you at your most fashionable this winter!



FW17 New York Pantone Report

I’m a huge sucker for the seasonal color-predicting giant Pantone (I even use one of their products as my bullet journal). Their released color palette for fall/winter 2017 is a bit muted – imagine all of your favorite spring colors, but just a little grayer.
Some favorites that you can expect to find in your closet is an updated millennial pink (less baby girl, and more gray-nude-pink); reds including grenadine, a brighter red, and tawny port, a deeper purple-angled wine color; army greens; nudes; and one trend that was all over the runway, metallic silver and golds.



Loewe Fall 2017 RTW

For the rest of this fall and winter season, you can expect to see longer jackets, chunky sweaters, turtlenecks, and a heavy emphasis on shoulders.

These past few seasons shoulder emphasis has mostly come in the form of off-the-shoulder and peek-a-boo cutouts that show extra skin. While shoulder emphasis continues into the colder months, you can be grateful it’s transforming into a bit of a more wearable (i.e., warm) styles: gathered, poufy shoulders, upper body ruffles, and yeah- maybe even some small shoulder pads.


Major Trends

Balenciaga Fall 2017 RTW

One of the most common trends I’ve noticed across the runway is plaids – they really are everywhere. You can find them in shirts, blazers, skirts, dresses… you name the piece, and it’ll probably be found in plaid at your local mall.

Ruffles are also everywhere – not the tiny ruffles that you wore in the early 2000s, however. Instead, modern ruffles are larger and bolder. While they exist in bold panels on skirts, you can also find your ruffles focused heavily on your upper body, as stated above!

This season, your go-to jackets are going to be oversized and longer than the short bomber jackets that have been popular over the years. Keep an eye out for ultra-trendy, thick puffer jackets in muted tones – although in Raleigh, we may only have a few weeks of extra chilly weather where we can actually wear them (boo).


Runway-inspired Styling


If you’re like me, you probably won’t be dropping everything to buy a whole new winter appropriate wardrobe. But who needs that anyways, when you can get a just as stylish look through proper styling with what you have?

This season, don’t be afraid of absurd pattern mixing. And I don’t mean “matching the background colors” or something like that – you literally can just go crazy with what you have. Matching is for suckers. If Gucci and Loewe can do it, why can’t you?

You can also take note of Calvin Klein’s shows and stop wearing your old denim jackets as jackets, and instead just pretending their super thick shirts. Button them all the way up and pair them with more denim or other bottoms for a more subdued, less 2001 Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake look!

Balenciaga had some of my favorite on the runway styling for the fall, pairing pinks and reds and showing off some perfect layering with long, spring floral skirts and chunky oversized sweaters on top.

One of the easiest and most subtle (and flattering – hello hourglass shape) trends you can say you pulled right of the runways is cinching your waist with a belt –innovative, I know. However, rather than investing in one of those small definitely-not-for-your-hips belts, it’s actually more designer to take your long belts and just re-poke a hole so it can land of your waist. Alexander McQueen featured black belts with one side left dangling long down the side of his model’s bodies.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2017 RTW


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