Thrifted Men’s Dior at the Arboretum

Oh, May, and new thrifted designer clothes.

I said I didn’t like spring (because allergies) but I think I changed my mind after walking through the JC Raulston Arboretum in full bloom. The Arboretum is managed by NC State, as far as I know, and I used to run by it all the time in my cross country days. It’s way too pretty.

So about this Dior top: amazing, right? Someone sold this vintage button down to the consignment store I work in, and I about DIED when I saw it. It managed to not get sold for a week-ish (???!!), and I bought it. It’s missing the bottom button and it’s definitely men’s, but BOY what a good thrifted find. (Or I guess it’s technically a consignment find, right? Pretty sure there’s a difference there.)

I had been missing a blouse in my capsule wardrobe — I was planning to buy a white short sleeve button down (probably from one of these retailers), but when this $8 pastel designer one fell into my lap I knew it was fate. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Buying second hand rocks, y’all.

I kept my look super simple and paired the top with my lightwash, highwaisted jean shorts and nude slides. Really I think the *best* finishing touch for this look would have been a pair of those small, really pointy, 90s-esque white sunglasses that always make me think of Kourtney Kardashian. Does anyone here know what I’m thinking of? I need them. Help a girl out.

Vintage Dior StyledVintage Dior StyledVintage Dior StyledVintage Dior Styled

Shirt and shorts both thrifted. I’m at least 60% sure the shoes were stolen from my sister Cara. Photos by Rebekah Greengrass.

What was your last amazing consignment/thrift store find? (And if you’re in Raleigh — you should probably send me an email with where you got it + all the deets. Kind of a joke, but not really.)

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