The best of Netflix horror – Happy (almost) Halloween Month!

The Raleigh area has a bunch of cool things planned for October (and a bunch more I didn’t even mention – like haunted houses!), but this blog post is just for all you lazy Halloween-enthusiasts out there (aka, me). There’s nothing like getting into the spirit like staying in and watching the spirits from afar on Netflix.

Some movies – like my favorite, The Shining – are being taken down in October as Netflix changes things up (booooo). So this list is researched and ~super official~  and will include *only* my favorite spooky movies that will be up the entire month of October!

It Follows – 96% on Rotten Tomatoes

I always feel weird describing the premise of It Follows, because when you explain it to someone, it seems a lot more sex-filled than it really is: but essentially it’s about an evil entity that follows you perpetually after you sleep with someone “infected” with it, with the only way to get rid of it to either a) be brutally murdered or b) sleep with someone else and hope they aren’t brutally murdered too quickly before it comes back to you. The main characters (and viewers) live in constant fear, because the STG (sexually transmitted ghost? Yes I just made that up I’m not funny and the worst) can appear as anyone, and it never, ever stops slowly walking towards its victims. I know I’m doing a horrible job describing this one but really, the movie’s pretty good! Watch the trailer.

The Babadook – 98% on Rotten Tomatoes

The Babadook is one of my personal favorites on Netflix! Reviewed on as “the finest and most genuinely provocative horror movie to emerge in this still very-new century,” it’s got all the spooks and metaphorical meanings that make a horror movie more than just a couple of jump scares. The film follows the story of a mother and her young problem-child, who find a very persistant evil children’s book outside their house that essentially brings in the story’s monster – the Babadook. Watch the trailer.

Hush – 94% on Rotten Tomatoes

Hush is the classic writer-lives-alone-and-a-masked-killer-appears-at-her-house, cat-and-mouse flick that we see again and again in the horror genre. The catch for this one? The main character is deaf and mute. Boom. Watch the trailer.

Heathers – 95% on Rotten Tomatoes

If you’ve seen Heathers before, you probably know this isn’t a horror movie. Actually, it’s a comedy and a deranged teenage romance that’s not scary at all – but it is about a couple who murders the popular girls in school and stages them all as suicides. It’s filled with dark humor, and is basically the Mean Girls of the 80’s. This is for all of you people who HATE horror movies. Watch the trailer.

We Are Still Here – 95% on Rotten Tomatoes

We Are Still Here starts off as the “scary by atmosphere” kinda movie, only to get actually really very scary (and bloody). It follows the story of a husband and wife who move to a new, very much haunted, rural home after the loss of their son. The film includes a spooky house backstory, a spiritualist, some deaths, and lots and lots of terrifying chaos. Watch the trailer here.

Creep – 96% on Rotten Tomatoes

This is a found-footage style film that follows a videographer who answered a cryptic Craigslist ad (rookie mistake, right?) that places him in a home with his terminally ill client, who wants to film his day-to-day life for his unborn son. This movie has crazy weird twists that will definitely terrify and shock you, so get ready for a wild 77 minutes! Watch the trailer.

They Look Like People – 89% on Rotten Tomatoes

A psychological thriller about a man with paranoid delusions on humanity and evil creatures, They Look Like People has been praised for how it portray’s mental illness while also giving its audience plenty of scares. Essentially, you see a main character who thinks everyone – including his psychiatrist – is demonically possessed. It’s got a little bit of messed up romance, friendship, and a lot of demonic delusions to keep you on your toes. Watch the trailer.

Don’t forget your popcorn and lots of blankets you can shield your eyes with for the too-scary parts. Have fun getting spooked! (And if you have any other Halloween-inspired films on Netflix you think I’m missing out on, feel free to comment!)


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