Sunday study playlist

Happy Sunday! My 3 year old Macbook decided to break on me yesterday and refused to even turn on, which means I lost all of my information and pictures that I had taken for RCS (and life) and documents (uhhh… pro tip: back up your computer. I never learn). And to the girl who sat next to me at the Genius Bar and loudly proclaimed “Haha that girl’s 3 year old laptop is broken and mine is *7* years old!” …boo. 🙁

This week I had a “my favorite free things to do in Raleigh” post in the works, but with all my computer issues it looks like it’ll have to wait. I’m spending all today studying (probably at BREW, but you know, I have some options) because I have FOUR tests next week! Four. Rest in peace, me.

So here’s the playlist I’m studying to today. It’s a real wild ride of a little SZA, some St. Vincent, Diet Cig and whoever else I was feeling. It’s only 55 minutes long, aka the perfect length to listen one way through while studying and then switch subjects.

Um P.S.: if you have a killer playlist (and I’m sure you do) feel free to email me so the world can jam to what you jam to.

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