Looking for a new playlist this November?

One of my favorite things to do every month is curate a new Spotify playlist, mixing together songs I miss, new jams I’ve run into, and some of my favorite Spotify-recommended bops.

And every month I get super excited all over again because I think I’ve really stepped up my game and made “the new best playlist ever.”

I have a hard time categorizing music (…have you seen the genres I try and use on my monthly concert roundups? They’re a mess, y’all). But if I were really trying to fit this month into a single genre, I’d say….. uhhh… Indie Folk Pop Rock. Ah, shit.

But it’s all very relaxing, and for some reason makes me want to make a montage of my life. Like, imagine “Party Police” by Alvvays playing while I show 50 separate clips of me going to the 24/7 Harris Teeter in Cameron Village at night.


If you’re only looking for a few new songs to jam to, here are my current favorites:

Party Police – Alvvays

Real Love Baby – Father John Misty

Paul РBig Thief 


And check out my playlist embedded below for ~the whole experience~ (and send me song recommendations if you love me. Seriously!).


Happy Sunday!

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