It’s Spring! There’s a Box at Dorothea Dix!

I’m not going to lie right now: spring is probably my least favorite season.

Not that I’m some kind of monster who hates flowers and warm weather and all things colorful, but uhhhh hello, ALLERGIES! Spring is a tease anyways. Yesterday it was SNOWING in Raleigh. What in the h*ck!

But once it does decide to ACTUALLY warm up for real, I’m kind of excited to be able to walk to class and hang in my eno in my backyard (while simultaneously dying from sneezes).


Yesterday I went to Dorothea Dix park with my roomie Bekah. Dix is the largest city park in Raleigh, and has such a cute view of downtown. As I’m sure you know if you’re a Raleigh-ite (?), they’re currently plotting to make, in their words, “America’s next great public park” with all the land that’s available here.

I guess this giant, trendy, blue and wooden box with a little bench is the first step in that greatness.

Honestly, I support it. You can look more at their “master plan” (which is very vague right now) and contribute ideas + join the conversation here.

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