Favorite view in Raleigh: Boylan Bridge

Despite the fact that it currently has some major construction going on with the new Amtrak Union Station being placed downtown, the view from the bridge on Boylan Avenue is hands down one of my favorites in Raleigh.

If you’re ever looking for a Raleigh-esque background to take fake candids of your friends in front of, look no further than the corner of Boylan Avenue and Hargett Street. It’s a perfect view of the Raleigh skyline, and almost never busy (besides the occasional photographer that you may run into!). From the bridge, you’ll find yourself with a gorgeous view of the cityscape and can even spot the convention center’s iridescent tree design to the right.

Of course, the newly reopened Boylan Bridge Brewpub is also an option for those who are looking to enjoy a meal while admiring the “best view in Raleigh.” The Brewpub was closed for over a year after water pressure caused a load-bearing wall to collapse in early 2016. On beautiful days, you can expect their open patio to be pretty crowded with people drinking one of their ten beers on tap. Added plus: the patio area is dog friendly!

Whether you take in the view on the sidewalk with a camera in hand or the patio with local brews, the Amtrak Union Station construction front and center is unavoidable.

The good news? As of late August 2017, the construction was reported to be over 70% complete, and the center is expected to be fully operational by early 2018. The building is set to contain commercial retail space along with a hall for public gatherings and amenities for passengers riding the Amtrak. In addition to acting as a new and improved Raleigh Amtrak hub, Union Station will serve as a center of mass transport options for Raleigh dwellers and encourage inner-city public transportation options for a rapidly growing population.

If all goes as scheduled, the view from Boylan Avenue should be new-and-improved (and construction free) by January 2018.

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