Fall style in Moore Square

Keeping to my fashion blogger roots, for my first style post I went downtown with a friend to take some photos in Moore Square.

Despite the fact it’s still hot as h*ck outside, I’ve taken advantage of the fact that it’s technically fall, as marked by the return of pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween Oreos, so I’m technically not weird for wanting to wear oversized denim and jeans.

I paired my fall stuff with a black mesh tank top (mostly because I wasn’t trying to overheat and die) and my sister’s Stan Smiths that I’ve stolen as my own. She has her own pair of Yeezys. She’s moved on to bigger and better Adidas options.

And in case you were wondering what on earth was up with my hair, it’s temporarily dyed Manic Panic’s “After Midnight” color. Soooo wild.

Enjoy Raleigh’s gorgeous weather while you still can, and fingers crossed Hurricane Irma won’t wipe out any power, at least not for too long!

outfit details: vintage jacket, old navy jeans with some diy rips, adidas stan smith shoes, i think h&m top?

Photos by Rebekah Greengrass.

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