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The Truth about Fast Fashion and Forever 21

What is your personal criteria for buying clothing? Trend? Material? Fit? Do you think about how long you want your new shirt to last? Do you think about the company you’re buying it from? Do you think about the people who made your shirt? In the “I-want-it-now” and “I-want-it-all” era of Amazon (um yes please …

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19 Movies to Watch, Organized by Dumb Category

According to the highly credible USA Today article I found after a 2 second internet search, the average person watches somewhere around 5,000 movies in their lifetime. That’d be something like 400 days of movies back-to-back-to-back…. My dream year. I know most of us are not trying to waste over a year of our lives …

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14 Low Cost things to do in Raleigh

As a college student, of course I have a list of go-to places where I can hang out and pass time for free (or at least very very cheap). And it’s like… my duty to pass along all of my favorites to you. So here are 14 places you can go for when you don’t …

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