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The Truth about Fast Fashion and Forever 21

What is your personal criteria for buying clothing? Trend? Material? Fit? Do you think about how long you want your new shirt to last? Do you think about the company you’re buying it from? Do you think about the people who made your shirt? In the “I-want-it-now” and “I-want-it-all” era of Amazon (um yes please …

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Ruffles, mom jeans, & supply chains

Happy almost Thanksgiving, Raleigh! I took my own advice and bought this ultra cute, ruffle-sleeved top from TJMaxx yesterday! As you guys know, I’m livin’ for ruffles this season, and this sweater is slightly cropped, so it fits into my thrifted high waisted mom jeans well. Woo! Sometimes it’s nice to know where your clothing …

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