What’s on my phone: My recommended apps for students!!

If you take any marketing class, you are bound to eventually hear your professor talk in excess about millennials and how they’re addicted to their phones. The only thing worse than hearing this again and again (and again) is actually being a millennial and realizing oh my god, they’re right.

But who says being in touch with technology is always a bad thing? Here is my foolproof (kinda) guide to the ONLY apps you need on your phone, not including the obvious handful of social media apps you probably use. These are all necessary, you guys, and I’m telling you this as a person who always is deleting photos to get more storage.

For people who want to improve themselves…
Duolingo: Learn French. Or Spanish. Or German.
Headspace: Guided meditation to start your day off relaxed and focused!!
Your mobile banking app: Yes, knowing you have $12 in your bank account sucks. But…. I mean… at least you can know. (Plus, depositing checks via photo is SO convenient. We’re living in the FUTURE here.)

Because I know you want more followers on Instagram…
VSCO: For the Instagram aesthetic. They have some quality preset filters, if that’s something you need in your life.
(P.S. Follow me on Instagram @raleighcreative!!!! I post sometimes and it’s not all bad.)

For students….
NC State’s on Campus app: I think I went my entire freshman year without knowing that there’s actually a posted bus schedule. Like, I don’t have to just stand out in the rain and hope the 3 bus shows up soon. Whoops.
GroupMe: My email is OPEN if you’re tryna get into that NC State Dogspotting group 😉 It’s real. It’s… not exclusive at all but it has a lot of dog pictures and about 300 members, give or take.
Spotify: So you can listen to my playlists, duhhhhhh (and that student discount with Hulu is amazing!!!!!!!!).
Venmo: It’s the best way to pay rent if you have roommates (my roomies and I also use Splitwise for keeping track of things!). Plus eventually a time will come in your life when you don’t have cash but you really want to buy something from the food truck that *happens* to only take cash but your friends are like “you don’t even return clothes, how can I trust you with this $5.” Venmo forever.


What other apps do you keep on your phone that you just can’t live without?



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