Hi! My name is Theresa. Since I was a junior in high school, I’ve loved blogging –at first in the form of a personal style blog called “Fashion to a T,” and later with my older sister at “Paired Apparel.” I’m currently a student at North Carolina State University studying Fashion and Textile Brand Management + Marketing, and am set to graduate in spring of 2019. Aside from blogging, I have experience working retail and customer service, social media growth and management, and as a fashion journalist through College Fashionista. I created Raleigh Creative Species so that I can share my voice and my perspectives on the things I know and am most passionate about (…which, to be honest, changes day-to-day, but some of my FAVORITE topics include fashion, the textile industry, movies, *attempting* to make pretty things, and exploring Raleigh while I’m at NC State).

Here’s an important and very professional graphic of my most defining features, that way we can feel like we’re best friends:


Let’s Collaborate!

I want to hear from you! Maybe your next event or project or idea is the next coolest thing in Raleigh. Let’s hear it! Email hello@raleighcreativespecies.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.